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Business Check Card

Enjoy the convenience and security of using your Fidelity Bank Visa® Check Card to pay for purchases with money deducted right from your checking account. Our Visa® Check Cards are accepted at millions of locations and allow you to access cash at thousands of ATMs worldwide. Best of all, it’s FREE.**

Security Features:

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  • Text Alerts - Help keep your account secure by signing up for Fidelity Bank Check Card Alerts. Receive a text message or email when your Fidelity Bank Check Card is used. Set custom alerts for transaction types and dollar amounts for Withdrawal Alerts, Transfer Alerts, and Purchase Alerts. Change your alert preferences at any time.Learn More About Text Alerts

  • EMV Chip - Fidelity Bank is now offering an additional layer of protection for customer information with the EMV chip technology. The embedded microchips provide stronger transaction security features not previously possible on cards with only the traditional magnetic stripe. Learn More About EMV Chip
  • Fraud Protection - Ongoing transaction monitoring detects suspicious or unusual activity. We’ll call you for verification if we see unusual activity on your account.
  • Zero Liability Program - Provides you with the maximum protection against fraud. It safeguards you if there is any monetary loss resulting from fraudulent use of your Fidelity Bank Visa® Check Card.
  • PIN Now - An automated service available 24 hours a day that allows you to change your personal identification number for your safety. Please call (866) 985-2273 to take advantage of this service.
  • Verified by Visa - A free service that provides extra protection when you shop online at participating Verified by Visa merchants using your Fidelity Bank Check Card. It lets you use a personal password while making purchases online, giving you the added assurance that only you can use your Fidelity Bank card.

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Bank as Smart as Your Phone!

Download Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking App from Apple App Store or Google Play.

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* Fidelity Bank does not charge for this service, however standard message rates may apply from your mobile carrier.
** Our valued customers may use ANY ATM anywhere and Fidelity Bank does not charge a non-Fidelity ATM usage fee.  If you use another institution's ATM, they may charge you a usage fee; we do not.  Plus, we'll even reimburse you for 3 non-Fidelity ATM usage fees monthly, up to $10, when you provide the receipts.