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Analysis Checking

Streamline Reconciliation

Analysis Business Checking is designed exclusively for businesses that want to streamline reconciliation of bank statements, improve fraud control, and would like to accrue earnings credit on balances that can be used to offset account fees.1

Each month, you will receive a summary or group Account Analysis statement for your entire billing relationship and a detailed Account Analysis statement for each account within the relationship. The summary Account Analysis statement will also include a Relationship Balance Compensation History. The three sections of your statement are:

1. Balance and Compensation Analysis: A concise summary of your average monthly balances, service charges, and earnings allowance. It provides a step-by-step review of how your excess/(deficit) investable balance and earnings allowance were calculated.

2. Activity Summary: A review of all services used during the month and the resulting service charge and balance equivalent.

3. Relationship Balance Compensation History: A current-month and calendar year-to-date snapshot of each month’s average balances, earnings allowance, service charges, and excess/(deficit) earnings allowance.
1 Subject to approval. Fees and restrictions may apply. Ask us for more details.