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Cash Management

Let us develop a solution that fits the unique needs of your business.
Fidelity Bank’s skilled Cash Management professionals can help you manage your business’ cash flow, reduce costs and increase control. We offer advanced cash management tools and will work one-on-one with you to develop a solution as unique as your business.
  • Account Reconciliation – Reduce the administrative expense of manually reconciling accounts and sorting checks with timely delivery of bank provided reports.
  • ACH Block/Filter – Help protect your accounts from unauthorized debits/credits, while still permitting approved transactions required to conduct business.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) – Reduce the number of checks you write and receive by using easy to track electronic transactions.
  • Controlled Disbursement - Better management of funds with same-day notification of checks that are clearing your account overnight.
  • Lockbox – Improve your cash flow and simplify payment processing with lockbox services.
  • Online Banking and Bill Pay – Easy access to your account information and statements, transfer funds between accounts, view images of posted transactions, and issue stop payments.
  • Positive Pay – Mitigate fraud by matching checks you’ve issued and authorized against checks that are presented for payment.
  • Remote Deposit Capture – Conveniently deposit checks into your account without leaving your office.
  • Sweep Account 1 – Automatically transfer, or “sweep,” the available balance in your checking account to your choice of either an interest bearing account or line of credit overnight.
  • Wire Transfers – Transfer funds worldwide with Fidelity Bank’s Wire Transfer service, either in person or online.
  • Zero Balance Account - An easy and convenient way to automatically consolidate funds into one account that can be used to fund disbursements or investments.

With Online Cash Management, you can:

  • Access Transaction History
  • Transfer Funds and Establish Recurring Funds Transfers
  • Place Stop Payments
  • Access Credit Lines and Make Loan Payments
  • Send Domestic and International Wires
  • Send ACH Files and Import ACH Files for Processing
  • View the Front and Back of Recently Canceled Checks
  • Send Federal Tax Payments
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Review a List of In-Clearing Items
  • Import and Export Data from Financial Management Applications
 1 Certain fees and restrictions may apply to certain Cash Management Services, as well as transaction limitations and fees for Sweep Accounts may apply.